Another day of Service Learning in Iceland #IBDP #IBCAS

Isabella writing again about our day:

“Today everybody woke up surprised as to how well they slept the night before. Well, at least the girls did. We eagerly looked outside in the hope that today would bring us some better weather, but all we saw was fog and rain. Our spirits were still kept high however after another comforting breakfast of oatmeal, scrambled eggs and of course, Icelandic yoghurt. After we packed our lunch and put on the last layers of clothing we were ready to hike to the main campsite where we would be working with Chas. During our hike we had to walk next to somebody we didn’t know in order to become familiar within everyone on the trip. Conversation soon died down as we climbed higher and witnessed more of the landscape; the views left us speechless. Considering how many layers we were wearing it was surprising none of us suffered from friction burns during our hike. Once we arrived we were so amazed by the landscape that we needed 10 minutes to take it all in. Unfortunately no matter how hard we tried, iPhone panoramas do not do this place justice. We familiarized ourselves with the equipment (shovels etc.) and Chas guided us into the different jobs we would be doing. The whole morning was spent planting trees, shoveling gravel, transporting gravel in wheelbarrows and constructing the border for a potential potato and carrot garden.  And guess what? IT WAS SUNNY! We all breathed out a sigh of relief when we realized we wouldn’t have to reach for the extra layers of waterproof clothes we stuffed in our bags. Luckily, the only time it rained heavily was when we were sitting inside in the cozy hut curled up with our sandwiches and hot chocolate. Who needs internet? After lunch it was full speed once again – we finished the garden (which, as a matter of fact received many compliments), built bird houses and constructed a path (hope the elves like it!). It might sound easy but trust me, soil is heavy! Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, we finally got rid of all the turf and placed the first layer of ash/gravel in the path. Our smiles shone like the rainbow above. After our thrilling first day, we hiked back to the accommodations and we all took long awaited showers and visits to the sauna. Dinner was followed by exciting activities such as introducing our hiking partners and Iceland quiz and a Simpson’s episode about Iceland. Even though it was all very enjoyable, we were all exhausted by the end. Now we have a well-deserved sleep and charge our batteries for tomorrow’s adventure!”

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About DrAbella

Originally from Barcelona where I studied Biochemistry and did a PhD on Diabetes. Moved to France to continue medical research on cancer for a Post-doc. Something was missing and decided to try a year of full-time teaching. Starting my 10th year now, 10 years internationally and loving it.
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