Using Excel in Data Processing #MYPSci #APBIo #IBBio Videos to help you Succeed. #5 Data Labels

Cate Jarvis ( @blinkingnora), one of our technology teachers at ISZL, created a series of videos to help my students with data processing using excel, especially for laboratory reports #MYPSci, internal assessment #IBBio and lab investigations # APBio.

Data Labels

This video shows how to add labels to the points of the graph, sometimes used to indicate the value at each point.


About DrAbella

Originally from Barcelona where I studied Biochemistry and did a PhD on Diabetes. Moved to France to continue medical research on cancer for a Post-doc. Something was missing and decided to try a year of full-time teaching. Starting my 10th year now, 10 years internationally and loving it.
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5 Responses to Using Excel in Data Processing #MYPSci #APBIo #IBBio Videos to help you Succeed. #5 Data Labels

  1. Emma Uhlenhopp says:

    Helpful video! I knew how to do data labels but I did not know they could be changed to non numerical values too. Thanks for doing this, it’ll definitely be of use.


  2. Abigail Adcock says:

    This video was helpful for our research labs and planning of graphs. Lately in biology when we have been making our graphs we have multiple sets of data with different names/points of information. In excel it is hard to get a grasp of how things are done, so having these videos expressing how to do it in simple, short ways it makes it an easy tool to use and apply to the graphs in our labs. This short video was an asset to learning how to use excel properly! Also in general the blog is useful as it has new, up to date points of information about what we are currently learning in biology. It is smart of you to do this as now everyone is on the internet and this is easy access and a more entertaining way to read and learn about new, interesting things.


  3. Oliver Roby says:

    This Video was very useful and it helped me understand the techniques involved with making a readable and dynamic graph. It would be nice if this presentation was in windows as the windows and mac versions of excel have differences and something that is obvious in Mac is sometimes not so obvious in Windows. Although I still found this a very informative video and will attempt to use the skills when I next make a graph using excel. -Oliver


  4. Eszter Kovács says:

    Thank you for these videos, I found them very helpful as we need to use excel in many of our subjects.


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