#IBBio Grade 12 DP Students on a flash news mission against infections diseases

As an introduction to the Defence Against Diseases Unit (Topic 6.3 from the DP IB Biology course) students had 15 minutes to prepare a short powerpoint on an infectious disease.

The main objective of this activity was the understanding that there are different:

  • Types of disease (bacterial, viral, fungal, etc)
  • Modes of transmission (droplets, vectors, contact, etc)
  • Human Protective Barriers (skin, saliva, tears, ear wax, etc…)

A good job considering the short amount of time given. All information might not be 100% accurate but the objectives were reached.


Thanks Mr. Andrew Thomas for being the inspiration of this activity



About DrAbella

Originally from Barcelona where I studied Biochemistry and did a PhD on Diabetes. Moved to France to continue medical research on cancer for a Post-doc. Something was missing and decided to try a year of full-time teaching. Starting my 10th year now, 10 years internationally and loving it.
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