Why blogging???

imgresAt the beginning of this school year I joined a PLC (Professional Learning Communities) group at my school called “Blogging in the classroom” with the aim of experimenting with blogging and how it might help in education.

I started this blog a couple of years ago, my main objective then was to post students work, but not any kind of work but mainly visual one, pictures and videos of what we do in class so the students could revisit it afterwards. I also thought that it might give ideas to other teachers and though I rarely, if ever, got comments on my blog, as I had it linked to twitter I got other teachers following me there, re-tweeting and commenting.

My blogging activity got however less and less frequent till the point it has disappear. There are many reasons why this happened:

  • We implemented Schoology at my school, so I could use this platform, a private one, to share pictures and videos with the students.
  • The start of the year was quite overwhelming from me, I restarted teaching after a sabbatical year and the volume of things to do was simple too much.
  • I also realised that I needed a healthier balance on my life between the time I spent doing work stuff and my private life; and maybe blogging was not one of the priorities anymore.
  • Sitting in front of a white page, being a second language speaker and a scientist, has never been easy for me


So why blogging then?

There are several reasons why we should blog and I really recommend it.

  • Putting together your thoughts in writing is a great way to reflect and, thus, improve what you are doing and to get new ideas. I have simple started journaling on my private life instead of blogging about school activities; if I come back to one of the reasons of why my blogging has almost disappear.
  • It is a great portfolio of your work and yourself for the future, to show university entry offices if you are a high school student for example. This is one of the main reasons of why I wanted to develop using blogging in the classroom because I think it could be very useful to my students. If you are not a student anymore but are thinking about a career change, it might be an excellent way to show your next possible future employee what have you been doing and are able to do.

Let me span a little bit more on this last point.

I allow myself to share here my colleague Valerie wonderful post about why blogging dedicated to a friend thinking about a career change, I find it really inspiring and worth a read to anybody considering a career change.


Why do I do not do it then?

 After 12 years teaching science I do not consider a career change, I love my work and I am very happy with what I do. What about a school change though? Of course, I cannot be sure about it, I work as an expat in Switzerland and maybe one day I would feel the urge to explore another country or return home… Won’t be a blog then good for me as a portfolio?

Probably yes, but on the other hand I know I can present a portfolio to a possible future employee with work of my students and documents I have created that I saved in my computer. And here is when priorities and balance come into place again and I am using my time to do some other things at the moment, this might change next year, but this is the reality right now.


So, blogging? Not boggling? Why blogging?

 Yes, go ahead, BLOG!!!! Especially if you are a high school student or somebody envisioning a career change, create a digital portfolio for your future and reflect and grow on your daily activates whilst doing it!

And me for now, I will try to improve my knowledge to help my students doing it, meeting in my PLC group every several weeks and someday maybe blog myself more frequently.


I just hope you enjoyed this post, I have tried to be as honest as possible about what is going on my head and with myself about blogging at the moment, I am only sorry if any of the persons that used to like my tweets on activities have missed them this year, they might be back or they might not but there is so much out there in the www, go and explore!!!



About DrAbella

Originally from Barcelona where I studied Biochemistry and did a PhD on Diabetes. Moved to France to continue medical research on cancer for a Post-doc. Something was missing and decided to try a year of full-time teaching. Starting my 10th year now, 10 years internationally and loving it.
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