Students on Ice head south for an Antarctic Christmas

Not really Christmas but most exotic New Year ever!

Ottawa Citizen

Geoff Green is heading south for Christmas — way south.

Green leaves Christmas Day to lead a three-week Students on Ice expedition to Antarctica. It will be Green’s 83rd visit to the southern continent.

The Chelsea resident — a polar adventurer, outdoor expert and member of the Order of Canada — founded Students on Ice 15 years ago as a way to introduce young people from around the world to the unique and fragile environments of the north and south poles.

That this year’s trip occurs on the centennial of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic journey makes it especially significant.

“The fact that we’re going to be, literally, in Shackleton’s footsteps, makes it very powerful for the kids,” Green said.

In 1914, Shackleton and his 27-man crew sailed aboard the ship Endurance to Antarctica, intending to cross the continent on foot. When Endurance was caught and crushed by ice, Shackleton and his crew dragged…

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Antarctic expedition takes students on ‘magical’ journey to the bottom of the world

It was really “magical”!

Montreal Gazette

It was a balmy –15 C off the coast of Antarctica on Thursday as Sabrina Clarke and Arianne Durand-Guévin prepared to don heavy outerwear and jump into a Zodiac boat headed for shore.

The two Montrealers have spent much of this week exploring a harsh and starkly beautiful landscape that few humans will set foot on in their lifetimes. The experience has already had a profound impact.

“It’s really hard to sum up the last two or three days in a few short sentences,” Clarke, 20, told the Montreal Gazette via satellite phone. “It’s been absolutely incredible. The Antarctic Peninsula is so grand. It’s huge and very awe-inspiring. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before, even though I grew up around mountains and glaciers in the Yukon.”

Durand-Guévin, a high school student from LaSalle, agreed.

“The temperature has been magnificent, we really couldn’t ask for better,” she said. “Yesterday was our first time disembarking on the continent…

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Transcription and Translation explained by a G11 student. #APbio #IBbio

In this case the students were given a video with no audio that showed the processes of transcription, translation and protein folding. Their task was to created the audio document that will explain the images. Well Done Emma!

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Grade 11 students were challenged to create a video explaining DNA replication, they amazed me with the quality of their work: content- and technology-wise! #APbio #IBbio

DNA Replication by Megan E and Clara R

DNA Replication by Emma U and Chris W

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One more excellent Biology resource! mainly for #IBbio students but also for #APbio:

Check the link and search the topic you want to revise/study…

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The blog has made the finalists list for new best blog! Please vote for me!!!

Best New Blog #eddies14

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Quick nice revision on the Human Body, test yourself and email me the results if you wish! Just for FUN!

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